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The Maureen Crisp Young Scholars Fund

The Maureen Crisp Young Scholars Fund invites applications for funding from post-graduate scholars intending to present an academic paper at an approved Byron conference or a paper mainly on Byron at any other approved conference in or outside the United Kingdom.

The student (irrespective of nationality) should be studying at a University in the United Kingdom. Applications may be submitted at any time and should include a CV and the names of one, preferably two referees. An abstract of the paper to be read will be required, and details of the conference including its approximate total costs.

The candidate will be notified as soon as possible whether they will be granted a fund or otherwise but actual funding will only be provided once there is confirmation that the candidate’s paper has been accepted.

In the event of the scholar being unable to attend the conference for whatever reason after a grant has be made, then the grant will be repayable in full forthwith to the Maureen Crisp Young Scholars Fund.

An application for funding to the trustees does not mean a grant will automatically be given.

In the first instance please contact:

Lady Birkenhead Bursaries

The Keats - Shelley Memorial Association is pleased to announce a bursary for graduate students intending to present an academic paper at any conference in the field of Romantic Studies in the United Kingdom. Bursaries, established in memory of Lady Birkenhead (author of Illustrious Friends), will cover all or, in most cases, part of the full cost of attending such conferences.

Candidates must be postgraduates studying full-time for a second degree in English Literature at any UK university, and should be full-time residents in the UK. Awards will be made on a first come , first-served basis. Applications, which may be submitted at any time, should include a CV (including the names of two referees), an abstract of the paper to be read, details of the conference, including costs. These and any other relevant materials should be directed to Dr Duncan Wu, St Catherine's College, Oxford OX1 3UJ.

The Elma Dangerfield Award

The Elma Dangerfield Award was set up in 1986 by anonymous donors. Its aim is to identify and reward scholarship for publication of new and original work related to the life, works and times of the 6th Lord George Gordon Noel Byron the Poet.

Books about his contemporaries or family will not usually be considered unless they shed new understanding relative to his thinking.

Published Doctoral dissertations will not be considered, preferring to see the scholar continuing with further Byron studies.

Books will be in English, however one scholar in the past was rewarded for his contribution in both Greek and English.

The prize is awarded annually and announced at the Council meeting of the Annual International Byron Conference, in which ever country that happens to be. The final decision will be taken by the three International Joint Presidents. More...

The Keats-Shelley Prize click here

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust click here


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